Jamie is an illustrator based in Cambridge, UK. He is currently working on personal projects and was the creator of the illustrations for the artwork for 'Messy Nusu'.

Messy Bao
Musician, Songwriter + Producer
Messy Bao is a musician, songwriter and producer from the UK. he also works on a duo project under the name Rumina.

Saint Nusu
Musician, Songwriter + Producer
Saint Nusu is a musician, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist situated in the UK. Nusu blends Hip-Hop with whatever's necessary.

Folk-Electronic Duo
RUMINA is a Manchester based duo whose music explores folk with elements of electronica and psychedelia. Their upcoming debut EP, Botanica exhibits a strong identity in its use of texture and song structure. RUMINA's vocalist provides intimate and haunting performances that blur the line between serenity and anxiety, whilst the instrumentation accompanies her with sparse but intricate detailing from guitars, pianos and synthesisers. Thoughtfully sprinkled throughout their songs are pumping drums that constantly push the listener forward. Grappling with themes of mental health and trauma, RUMINA's music is intensely personal and emotional. Having written music and crafted their sound together for years, their first release Botanica represents this period of growth together as musicians.

Visual Artist
Lucy Michaela is a creative director based in Manchester, UK who specialises in photography and graphic design.  She frequently works with musicians and brands to build up a distinct visual identity using portraiture, poster design, album art, merchandise and logo design, as she has been doing with Saint Nusu and Messy Bao. She is also the other half of Rumina alongside Messy Bao.


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